Adult Spiritual Formation

The Adult Sunday Study Class, which meets at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday mornings, invites all adults to be with us. We engage various topics, some from the Bible and some from current events. We use a variety of resources to inform our study and discussions. We engage in open discussion, and all viewpoints are welcomed. One is free to share and discuss as one feels led.  One is also free to just sit and listen. We explore together, ask questions, listen to one another, and get to know one another better. We rely on the spirit of God to enlighten us, teach us, challenge us, and grow us as spend time together in this study and discussion setting.

Please join us as we continue our journey into understanding faith and grow in our spirituality. All are welcome to participate.

Winter 2020

Beginning in January 2020 we will discuss current controversial issues that are prominent in the news today. We will work to determine how we can see, understand, and react to the issues through our lens of faith. We will discuss various perspectives of different issues and discuss them from our own faith perspectives. We will use the Bible sometimes, yet the Bible does not specifically mention modern day complexities such as immigration, climate change, abortion, other “hot button” issues of our day. So, what is a Christian to do? How are we to view, understand, and react to these issues through our lens of faith? What other resources can we use to help us deal work through these issues? How do we apply our principles of faith to these issues?

All are welcome to participate. Come with an open mind and open heart to engage our faith together in seeking honesty and truth about issues that are dividing even people of faith in our country today.

Image by Patrick Tomasso