Member Highlight:

Tracey Dietz

Tracey grew up on the Northshore and spent her summers in Texas with her grandparents. Tracey moved to New Orleans with her mom and brother when she was a teenager. It was a complete culture shock. 

She went to Chapelle and then UNO before years later deciding to become a Real Estate Appraiser. Tracey attended Donaldson Real Estate School and started working under a mentor in 2003. She currently holds the SRA designation from The Appraisal Institute. 

Tracey is married to Freddy Dietz, Jr. She has four amazing kids – and one beautiful new granddaughter. Their family also includes Daisy the dog; Rome, the boy cat; Juliette, the girl cat; and Nemo the fish. 

What is your favorite Bible verse or story, hymn, and aspect of worship?

My favorite part of church is the way that the Bible verses are related to our everyday life. I genuinely enjoy hearing the sermon every week and taking that message with me into each day.

What are some of your hopes and dreams?

My dream is to have the freedom in life to be able to travel the world with Freddy Dietz and have unlimited time enjoying our family as it grows and evolves. My goal every day is to look for and appreciate my blessings. 

I started Dietz Appraisal in 2009. I currently have 1 assistant and 1 appraiser trainee. I appraise residential real estate on the Southshore and Northshore for banks, attorneys, CPA’s, financial planners and private individuals. My goal for the upcoming year is to become a better delegator / business owner and less of a worker bee in my business so I have more time for the people and things I love. 

What do you love about LFUCC?

My husband introduced me to LFUCC, and I have been hooked since the first time. After being raised Catholic, it was such a wonderful experience to attend a service and be a part of a congregation that is so rooted in the message and so wonderfully giving and supportive. My only regret is that I did not find my way here sooner. 

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