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Facility Rental

Are you looking for a place to have your next meeting, family gathering, party, or baby or bridal shower? 

Little Farms United Church of Christ in River Ridge has the perfect space for your event at a very reasonable price. Transform our fellowship hall with your preferred decorations. Facility rental includes use of our parking lot, fellowship hall, and restrooms.

Give us a call today at 504-737-5858 for an appointment to view the space.  

Little Farms United Church of Christ (LFUCC) exists to carry on the ministry of the local church. It has a significant outreach into the community through the various social services and programs. The programs and people of LFUCC are the top priority when it comes to building use.


LFUCC has a number of long-standing relationships with several community organizations for ongoing use. Availability for such ongoing usage is limited but can be considered.


Local organization and individuals for one-time or short-term usage also use LFUCC. When possible we attempt to make our facility available for such groups. Our first priority is to LFUCC programs and membership needs. Priority is then given to nonprofit groups that are supported by LFUCC and then finally to other organizations.

Steps to Facility Use Scheduling

  1. Complete our Facility Use Agreement, available for download [here] or by emailing us at

  2. Attach any additional information you feel might be useful in helping us determine if we can accommodate your group. 

  3. Return the Facility Use Agreement to the church office.  We will evaluate your request and notify you if it is approved or not approved and to arrange payment. 

Fees for Facility Usage

Please refer to the Facility Use Agreement and Application for a complete overview of the facility use fees. 

Category #1 - No fee: Any group operating under the structure of the United Church of Christ  (classes, committees, Association Meetings, etc.) 

Category #2 - fees range from $10 per hour - $65 per hour based on requested space: Any active church member or constituent (as listed on membership rolls or constituency rolls, or immediate family members (defined as spouse and children) for personal use (ex. Weddings or Vows).

Category #3 - fees range from $20 per hour - $65 per hour* based on requested space: All outside organization, private parties, or individuals.

*$65.00 per hour with a 2 hour set up and 1 hour of take down.  Renter responsible for clean up and taking trash out.  $20.00 per hour for Building manager.  $50.00 refundable deposit due at time of approval for rental.  Rental fee must be paid at least 2 weeks prior to event.  Building manager fee must be paid at least 2 weeks prior to the event.  Building manager fee will include time from set up to take down. For example if an event is 3 hours long with a 2 hour set up and 1 hour take down the manager will get paid for 6 hours@ $20.00.

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